Course Safety

Safety on the Golf Course

Membership changes constantly and this information is issued to remind everyone of the need to
conduct themselves in a safe manner, their responsibilities for their own safety and that of anyone who may be affected by their actions.

Please read these instructions carefully.

* All members and visitors are expected to carry adequate personal and third party insurance
to protect themselves against liability as a consequence of causing Injury to persons and/or
damage to third party property.

* Steps are provided for your safety for access to and egress from teeing areas. Where these
are provided you should use them with care and avoid walking on the supporting edges
either side of the tread. Do not approach or leave tees via slopes or banks where steps are

* Paths are provided in areas of high footfall for your safety and to protect the course.

* Golf shoes, with good spikes or cleats (e.g. not worn down or damaged) must be worn on
the golf course.

* There are many slopes and gradients on the course that can be slippery in adverse weather
conditions (e.g. rain, snow and frost). Take special care when walking in these areas.

* Extra care should be taken on holes where the landing area of your shot is not clearly

* There are ditches or water hazards on the 2nd, 6th, 11th, 12th and 14th holes. The sides of these
features are steep and slippery and extra care should be taken when near them. We advise
you do not try to retrieve any golf balls from these areas.

* A decision to carry on playing during adverse conditions (e.g. darkness, rain, fog, snow,
lightning etc.) is left to the discretion of the player, who must accept full responsibility for his
or her safety. If the course has not been officially closed, this does not mean that it is
necessarily fit to play, and golfers must determine for themselves whether they consider it is
safe to do so.

* During the winter season temporary tee mats may be in use. These can be slippery in times
of frost and care should be taken in their use.

* There are public rights of way across the 5th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 15th holes. Always make
sure members of the pubic using these paths are given priority and are out of range before
taking your shot. Be aware that the public may stray off these paths onto the golf course,
and that they should be given the same courtesy as fellow golfers.

* Greens staff may be working on the course during your round. They are normally aware of
approaching golfers and will generally ‘give way’ to allow you to play. They do however,
have right of way on the course and you should not play if they are in range.

* Fertilisers and insecticides are used on the golf course. Do not lick golf balls or fingers and
always wash your hands on leaving the course.

* Trees, pylons and stone structures are integral parts of the golf course. You should take
extra care when playing shots around these features, always mindful that your shot may
ricochet and strike you or your playing partners.

* Member-owned single-seat ‘ride-on’ buggies may be allowed, subject to approval by the
Management Committee. Special conditions apply to the granting of permission and to the
use of such a buggy. Applicants should contact the General Manager for a copy of the
Mandatory Conditions of Use before making application.

* Visitors and guests will be permitted to use a single-seat ‘ride-on’ buggy provided that they
meet the conditions set out for members and provide the same supporting information.
They will also receive a copy of the safety instructions and conditions that apply to

* Shots that are hit into neighbouring property, or on to the road alongside the 8th
hole, must be reported to the General Manager, or in his absence, the Professional