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A Proud History & A Bright Future

Established in 1913, Ashton-under-Lyne Golf Club has a proud tradition of providing its members with a premium golf course set in beautiful surroundings to be fully enjoyed with like minded people.

Plans for a Golf Club in Ashton-under-Lyne were first discusses in 1912 when a dozen gentlemen gathered at Hurst Hall, the home of our first President, John Kenworthy.

Over the next six months, leases were negotiated with local farmers, a clubhouse was built in the form of a semi-detached house just in case the game didn’t take off and a course was laid out. Just twelve months after the opening, the First World War broke out and much of the male membership volunteered to serve King and Country, with six of them losing their life in service.

With the end of hostilities, our first two Major Trophies were inaugurated. The War Trophy, to celebrate the victory and the Lady Aitken Cup, donated by the then Max Aitken, the town’s MP and named after his wife.

The inter war years saw much consolidation, with donations of several more trophies by the members. Arnold Hall donated a Cup named after him, the Payne Bowl was provided for an aggregate of scores over a summer and the Reporter Group of Newspapers provided the W H Andrew Trophy named after its owner. It was during this period that the Clubhouse was purchased and at last there was some security, though much of the course remained on seven year renewable leases. The Club’s first professional was engaged at this time.

With the outbreak of war for a second time, the club went into a form of survival mode having to accept cattle grazing the course, and giving up some land in the Dig for Victory campaign.

After the war, land was gradually purchased as it became available and plans were laid out for future expansion. Nothing really happened though until the late 1960s when a young dynamic committee was elected by the membership. Land was purchased and three holes constructed to extend the course, the trees which are everywhere today were planted transforming the course from a moorland one to a wooded area with almost every hole hidden from the rest.

In 1978, the Club were given notice that the lease on the one piece of land still leased would not be renewed and the present Clubhouse was built in 1983. Three holes were lost at this time, and more land was purchased to ensure that the Club continued to develop.

Since that date, the Clubhouse has been extended, the course has continued to improve until we have what we see today. If John Kenworthy could see the club today, he wouldn’t recongnise a thing, but I’m sure he’d be impressed with how the custodians have cared for his club.

Today the club continues to hold true to these values, providing a manicured golf course and an exceptional member experience to ensure our members can relax and enjoy our facilities and use the club as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A Proud History & A Bright Future
All our members have the opportunity to become part of the clubs extensive history with a number of board competitions held each year.