Many of you may have noticed over recent weeks that the course seems to seem to have been infested by these creatures. Sir David Attenborough dropped by recently and noted these characteristics which are displayed by most of them

He is particularly recognizable, by the inordinate length of time he takes to play a round of golf. There are several causes of this ultimate nuisance, but these are some of the more common behaviours.

1) He is late on the first tee, or he doesn't come at all leaving fellow golfers waiting and cursing because their day is spoiled.

2) He leaves his trolley at the front of the green he is putting on.

3) He marks his card before leaving the green.

4) He will wait until his playing partners have all played before getting out his range finder to ascertain the distance to the flag. Those particularly addicted to this tool sometimes use it from the tee when the green is out of range !

5) He looks for his playing partner's ball before playing his own shot.

6) He fails to play a provisional ball even if it is likely that his ball will be difficult to find.

7) Allowing someone to pass him is just beyond his comprehension, and he looks for a ball for the full three minutes before scuttling out of the rough and creeping forward once more.

8) He saunters down the fairway chatting to his fellow caterpillar before realising that his ball is located thirty yards away on the opposite side of the fairway.

9) Some of the younger members of the caterpillar family, do not seem to understand the meaning of "allow a faster party through" and even when a two hole gap has appeared between them and the players in front, just continue at their snail like pace.

If you do not recognize these actions, or you consider them reasonable, then it's likely you are one of the caterpillars who frustrate their fellow golfers.

Four and a half hours for a three ball cannot be considered a fair pace. Sadly this is becoming the norm on a Saturday afternoon, and even longer for a fourball. Let's do something about it before people begin to stop playing. Take the bull by the horns, and wave someone through. I'll call them through so we can look properly for this is one is not hard to say:- or do.

All of the items above are minor in themselves, but when they done en masse, they delay the field considerably.


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